Daan Smulders

User experience designer at funda

I am Daan Smulders, a user experience designer from the Netherlands. I am a designer because I believe that the digital world around us can be and should be better. I improve digital products around me to improve the lives of people.

I focus on understanding the functional and emotional needs users have. Then I make it possible to satisfy these needs by creating products with well thought-out, easy to use interfaces.

I've done this during my studies in communication and multimedia design and currently at funda as a user experience designer.

At funda I am a user experience designer embedded in one of six agile multi- disciplinary teams, working closely together with UX designers in other teams. The team I'm in focusses on search. Our goal is to design and develop functionality and interfaces that lets our users find their dream home as easy as possible.

Process and skills

I approach every project by first trying to grasp the actual problem by doing research on user needs and business goals. Then, I search for inspiration, patterns and information. I use this information to draw up and prototype ideas for flows, screens, interactions and micro-interactions. Validate these ideas by testing and then repeating the previous step.

I am used to working SCRUM based in a multidisciplinary team. I use whatever tools are necessary to get my ideas across.

Contact information